$5.00 USD

Please submit one or two shorter pieces or one longer piece. Prose should be double-spaced with a professional font at 12 point size. 

Total word count should not exceed 5000 words. We do not limit our selections to a specific genre. However, we are looking for quality and craft and are unlikely to select any work with elements included merely for shock value or work that is unreasonably one-sided, preachy, or ranting (having characters who display these elements is acceptable as long as it doesn't dominate the work.)

Limit of 6 pages at one time. We will not read anything that exceeds this page limit.

Total word count should not exceed 7500 words. This is a soft limit for those articles or essays that require more pages to be complete. If that is so, please provide an explanation in the cover letter.  We are looking for edgy, fire-breathing, fast-paced, and or exciting styles and subjects. We will read anything  culture-technology related. We're interested in researched articles as well as personal essays.